About Me


Los Angeles

I can't dance 'cause the clubs too full

don't understand cause the DJ's dull
I showed up at half past ten
now my life can begin again
I get a drink to unwind
so I slip to the end of the line
I look around and all i see is
everybody is staring at me

Could it be my Gucci shoes?
Could it be my new hair-do?
Could it be my Prada pants?
or could it be that you don't have a chance?

I see a friend across the club
who walking over and sholder rub
Talk about that we don't care and
why we both don't want to be there
Small talk used to make me ill
that's all changed now im on paccil
She is sweet but I cannot trust
We look around and they're staring at us

Could it be my couture clothes?
Could it be my brand new nose?
Could it be my model's pose?
or could it be all the people I know?

It's 4 A.M. and I'm kinda drunk
gotta be at work by 7 o'clock
I get home and lay in bed
and thoughts of me flash through my head
like how I danced and how I moved
how I looked and how I stood
All the things that I said
the awful things that i regret

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